At Mig Sea Shipping, we strive to uphold a high standard of ethical and cautious behavior towards people, the environment, and business. Our policies reflect our commitment to ensuring the protection of our clients’ reputation and generating business value. All decisions and actions must be justifiable and withstand scrutiny.


Our organizational culture prioritizes the safety of people, the client’s assets, the environment, and cargo to ensure the client’s business continuity and protect their reputation and ours.



We maintain clear communication protocols where all calls and contacts are directed politely to the head of the company or their representative, and employees and associates are not permitted to express opinions or provide perceived data or details.



Transparency and professionalism are paramount in our interactions with customers, and we respect the privacy of their information and that within the company.



We prioritize the safety of our employees and will not allow them to be forced to put their lives or health at risk. We require appropriate safety procedures and protective equipment and gear to be available, and operations or inspections with potential risks must be suspended until the risk is mitigated to acceptable levels.



We deeply respect the environment we operate in and encourage all employees to practice environmentally-friendly behaviors, whether onshore or on our ships. Our zero-tolerance policy towards intentional damage to the marine or air environment is strictly enforced, and we will cooperate with authorities in any investigations related to environmental damage. Any employees who cause willful damage will be dismissed and reported to the authorities.